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Obermueller is expected to remain on the roster

Obermueller has apparently earned a slot in the bullpen.

Wes Obermueller slept for 90 minutes Tuesday night so he could stay up with his newborn son, and then hopped on a flight from the corn country of Iowa City to the Big Apple and turned in three shutout innings of relief.
No wonder his spot on the staff is all but secure.

''He's our long man,'' manager Fredi Gonzalez pronounced Wednesday after the right-hander retired nine of the 10 Mets he faced.

Obermueller was solid in his two fill-in starts, and even with Sergio Mitre expected to rejoin the rotation for a start Saturday against the visiting San Diego Padres, he is expected to hold his spot on the roster.

If Obermueller is staying, and he should, when Mitre returns who is being sent down?  Could it be Gardner, Messenger or possibly someone else?  While making this decision is a difficult one, it is probably a good one to have.  A bunch of major league teams would love to be in the situation where they had to decide which of their excellent performing pen members is to be sent to Triple-A.  While none of them deserves the demotion, it will happen to one.

Completely aside: Congratulations to the Obermueller's on the birth of the newest Marlins fan.  We all look forward to seeing him a the park one day.