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Tankersley in the tank

Tankersley hasn't been his old self since coming off the DL and yesterday was no exception.

Monday, Tankersley opened the ninth inning with a 5-0 lead. He walked the first batter and gave up two singles. The Marlins had to summon Kevin Gregg to close out the 5-3 win.

Tankersley's ERA spiked to 6.89. Perhaps more alarming is that he has walked as many batters as he has struck out (12) in 152/3 innings.

"There's nothing wrong," Tankersley said. "There's nothing to blame. There's nothing to point your finger at. I'm just not pinpoint right now. It may be a case of trying too hard. There's just no room for error that late in the game.

I haven't compared video from his return performances to those from last year in order to put together my amateurish opinion.  But something isn't right.  Tankersley is better when he induces more ground ball outs than fly ball outs.  Since his return from the DL he is leaving the ball up in the zone and the hitters are elevating his pitches.

Initially I thought he was just working out the kinks and maybe he still is, but he is definitely not up to speed for whatever reason.  There is speculation that when Owens is ready to return to the team that Tankersley will be sent down.  I doubt that, my guess is it will be Miller but I have been wrong many times before.