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So Kim wasn't balking, maybe

Kim was definitely doing this on the mound yesterday and I always thought it was a balk but apparently it isn't, it is just questionable.

One questionable aspect of Kim's game is occurring during his delivery from the stretch. In the first inning, home-plate umpire Lance Barksdale spoke to Kim and the Marlins about where his hands are when he steps on the rubber.

From the stretch, with a runner on base, Kim sometimes steps onto the mound with his throwing hand already in his glove. Then on the rubber, he separates his hands only to bring them together.

While the umpires are saying it is not a balk, they feel it can deceive the runner.

"The umpires, the way they explain it, they just aren't going to allow you to do it to deceive the runner, even though deceiving the runner is a balk," Kranitz said. "Once you are on the rubber, you are not allowed to have your hands together, then part your hands and come together again."

Now I'm confused, Kim was stepping onto the rubber with both hands on the ball and then removing his pitching hand (he did do this) which is considered deceiving the runner but is not a balk.  I don't get it.

I'm probably missing a lot things here but it doesn't make sense to me.