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Percival's comeback

The Marlins are paying attention to progress of Troy Percival.

A source who has spoken with the club said Wednesday the Marlins are closely monitoring Troy Percival's comeback bid. A long-time member of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Percival has not pitched in the big leagues since July 2005 with the Tigers.

A forearm problem drove Percival, 37, to retirement, but he's bidding to pitch in the majors again.


"I'm not looking for the highest bidder," Percival told the Press Enterprise. "I'm looking for a good situation where I can get a role, where I'm not just throwing innings to throw innings. I want to get the opportunity to go back and close. I've been a closer my whole life. I enjoy helping young pitchers, and I can bring more to the table than just throwing."

The Marlins would seem like a good fit, if for no other reason than their ability to install him as the closer immediately. No word yet on when Percival will start showcasing his arm.

Percival was one of the best when he was healthy and that was a few years ago.  I have no problem with the organization following his progress and even considering signing him.  But hopefully, they learned something from the Julio debacle in that you can't give the closer job to anyone, just because three years ago they were good.  The player needs to earn the slot.

Once Henry gets back, the Marlins won't be hurting for pitchers who can close.  So there would be no reason to install him into that role, initially .  But if he can regain his old form, excellent.

Personally, I doubt if Troy looks decent he will be willing to accept the amount of money that the Marlins will offer.  My guess is that, if he is good to go, some other club will offer him a better deal.