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Stadium News

Part of the county government appears to be excited that the Marlins could be their very own.

The Florida Marlins would conduct spring training in Homestead and change their name to the Miami Marlins as part of a deal for a new stadium under a county commission committee's resolution passed last week.
   The resolution sponsored by Commissioner Dennis Moss, whose district includes parts of South Miami-Dade, sailed through an enthusiastic Miami-Dade Airport and Tourism Committee.

I have no earthly idea how many committees it must pass through before being accepted.  But it is nice that it passed so easily in the first leg.

If the county is willing to close the funding gap under the above conditions, I can't imagine there will be a problem.

Before you bring up the fact that Loria owns a part of the Jupiter complex and has a vested interest in keeping the Marlins spring training there, the lease in Jupiter doesn't expire until 2022 and it is doubtful he will still be the owner 15 years from now.  Especially seeing how the Marlins seem to change owners, on average, every five years or so.

Given the way South Florida is growing, Homestead could be a pain to access during spring training 15 years from now.  But you do what you have to do.

For everyone who lives in the West Palm Beach area, at least spring training wouldn't be in Key Largo.  Feel better now?  I didn't think so.