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Bugs Await

After the Marlins win the series against the Phillies tonight and beat the Mets in three straight (hopefully), they will travel to Chicago to play the Cubs.  While in the Windy City, they will get a lesson in Entomology.

The Marlins will be greeted by cicadas, the red-eyed bugs that crawl out of the earth every 17 years to mate, when the team arrives in Chicago to open a three-game series against the Cubs on Monday.

Most Marlins said they have never heard of the insects, which are extremely loud but harmless to humans. Pitcher Wes Obermueller, who grew up on a farm in Iowa, said he is familiar with them.

Said Dontrelle Willis, who is scheduled to start Tuesday at Wrigley Field: ``Will they affect my slider?''

Dontrelle, unless you hit one with a pitch mid-flight, you will be just fine.

Assuming this blurb is correct, they will actually be experiencing the genus Magicicada which are the ones who make an appearance every 17 years.  The cicadas who show up every July and August, the ones I grew up with, are known as annuals.

I haven't watched a game played in Wrigley this season, so I have no idea whether the vines have filled out or not.  But if they haven't, the cicadas will not be any problem whatsoever.  Actually, even they have and are full of the creatures, there still won't be a problem.  All that will happen is the outfielders will have to put up a loud buzzing noise.

This ends today's, fun facts to know and tell.