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Gregg to remain the closer

At least for the short term and possibly longer.

The Marlins' ever-changing closer role belongs to Kevin Gregg these days, and when Henry Owens comes off the disabled list, the job will still belong to Gregg.

Owens took over the closer role in mid-April after the Marlins grew frustrated with Jorge Julio, who was traded to Colorado on May 13. Owens, who went on the DL May 9, is eligible to return to the team Thursday. He pitched an inning in Jupiter on Tuesday, and the Marlins are looking forward to his return.

''Kevin Gregg has been good, and we've got to give him the opportunity to keep doing it,'' Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said.


There's another reason Gonzalez wants to stay with Gregg.

''When Owens gets back we want to ease him on in,'' Gonzalez said. ``When his 15 days are up, he could be a guy we add to the team [right away].''

Gregg could stay the closer for the rest of the season but I don't think that will happen.  Gregg has more versatility than Owens, in that, he can start if need be.  Henry is, at best, a one or two inning pitcher.  What will probably happen is that Owens will be worked in very slowly to make sure he is okay and eventually he will take over the closer's role when Gregg is needed to perform in a different role.