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Stadium News

Well, sort of, I guess.

The City of Miami and the county are trying to figure out how to fund a new stadium for the Marlins without the help of the state.  If they do come up with a plan, they want the team to change its name to the Miami Marlins, which shouldn't be much of a problem.  The only downside I can see from a name change is that official logo will have to be redesigned and I like the one the team has now.  But to get a new stadium, I'm willing to buy new Marlins gear.

Sarah Talalay has all the info, as usual.

Marlins Stadium Update No. 1,021

The University of Miami's decision about the Orange Bowl could factor in the plan and the placement of the stadium.  But they are still a month away from making a decision.  Some of UM's fans hate the idea of leaving the Orange Bowl, while others are somewhat more accepting.

Leaving home? UM likely to soon announce plan to exit Orange Bowl

Personally, the downtown site is more appealing to me, but beggars can't be choosers.