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Owens is still the closer


The Marlins haven't said anything officially, but manager Fredi Gonzalez is expected to stick with Owens as his first choice in save situations, even after Jorge Julio returns.

On Tuesday, Gonzalez said the injured Julio "absolutely" will get a shot at reclaiming the closer's job but only if he shows progress in non-save situations.


"We'll bring him along easy,'' Gonzalez said, "if there's such a thing at the big-league level.''

Let's face it, it is something we all know and it is time the organization comes to the realization too, Julio is a train wreck waiting to happen.  He is expected to come off the DL and rejoin the team on Saturday and some undeserving productive member of the bullpen will be sent down.

The Julio experiment needs to end.  The Marlins are finally back to even and the bullpen is doing the best I've ever seen a Marlins bullpen do.  The club should leave the present pen in tack and DFA Julio while focusing on helping the starters to go deeper in the games.

Owens is showing the potential of developing into a quality closer and his grooming should continue.  Sure, he will run into a rough patch here or there but he has the possibility of becoming something special.

While it is entirely possible Julio will also do some special things, such as causing me to expand my vocabulary of cuss words.  But that is hardly a reason to keep him on the team.

That is my opinion, yours may vary.