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Marlins host High School Media Day

I found a part of this slightly entertaining.  But first the details:

The Florida Marlins Media Relations and Broadcasting departments are set to host the 10th Annual High School Media Day on Tuesday, May 8, when the Marlins take on the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dolphin Stadium.

The Marlins would like to welcome high school students with a strong interest in the fields of sports journalism, television and radio production and sports photography to take part in this unique team program.


  • A "Press Briefing" about the Marlins Media Relations and Broadcasting Department and their game day responsibilities.
  • A press conference with a Marlins player and a member of the coaching staff.
  • A "Meet our Beat" conference, featuring a newspaper beat writer, television and radio announcers, a sports photographer and a local sports anchor followed by a question-and-answer session.
  • A visit to the Marlins press box and broadcast booths, and the opportunity to watch batting practice from the field.
Space is limited so reservations will be on a first-come basis. For more information please call (305) 626-7276.

Now the amusing part:

Only the top two students from each high school will be cordially invited to attend this distinctive event.

Oh, like everyone in sports media finished in the top two in their high school class.