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Gregg the Closer

He is at least for tonight.

Though manager Fredi Gonzalez has remained coy when asked to name a closer -- at least in the post- Jorge Julio era -- he gave Gregg his endorsement Thursday when he said he would give him another shot the next time the situation arises.

''Look how many guys we've tried?'' Gonzalez said of the Marlins' least certain role this season. ``Hank [Henry Owens] tried it and he goes out with a shoulder [injury]. Julio was the guy and he didn't work out. But if he can go again tonight, we'll go with Kevin.''

Uh, Fredi, there is a difference between sustaining an injury and sucking.

It appears while Henry is rehabbing his shoulder the duties of closer belong to Gregg.  So if you play fantasy baseball and need some Saves, check your waiver wire and see if he is available.