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Super Saturday?

It turns out that some of the locals aren't a fan of the Marlins "Super Saturday" promotion.

Q: My neighbors and I aregetting fed up with the Marlins' total disregard of noise ordinances in both the city of Miami Gardens and Miami-Dade County. On Saturday nights, after the baseball game is over at Dolphin Stadium, they sponsor concerts and fireworks. The fireworks never begin until after midnight. The ordinances state quite clearly that this is forbidden after 11 p.m.

Stadium personnel have done absolutely nothing to address this problem; why can't the fireworks be before the concert, not after?

Originally, the stadium was supposed to be for football games 10 to 12 times a year. Now, we're forced to endure truck pulls, used car sales and other assorted events that clog our roads and fray our tempers.

Can Action Line give this a little attention?

Click on the link if you like to read Action Line's response.  But if you would rather not, Miami Gardens punted and sent the question to the Marlins front office who brought up rain delays, extra innings and certain special promotions.

The interesting thing to me is, assuming the person who wrote this letter is representative of the citizens of Miami Gardens, and that may be a big assumption, the Marlins aren't very appreciated in the community.  Read into that what you will, but it strikes me as interesting.