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Jacobs is going to the DL

To make the roster move in order to bring up Kim, Jacobs is DL bound.

First baseman Mike Jacobs, expected to go on the disabled list today, revealed Monday that he has been playing with a broken thumb since April 20 when he was struck on the right hand by a hard ground ball.

Although X-rays showed a fracture on April 20, neither Jacobs nor the team released that information because they didn't want opposing teams to know the severity of the injury.

"The doctors said as long as you can deal with the pain you're not going to do any further damage,'' Jacobs said.

Jacobs missed six games after injuring the thumb, then returned April 27 and went 4-for-4 with a home run against Philadelphia. In the 12 games he has played since then, however, he was 7-for-36 (.194) with a home run.

A second X-ray after the injury showed the bone is healing. But Jacobs, who has been wearing a plastic brace, still has had trouble swinging.

You have got to be kidding me.  The Marlins kept sending out a player who has a broken thumb, when they knew about it.  Jacobs was tossing bats all over the place during this time period and no one thought the better of it.  I don't blame Jacobs, he is like the rest of the kids, they will do anything to play.  But the front office and the management should know better.  Just because a doctor says he can't do any more damage doesn't mean he should be in the lineup.  There were non-injured players on the bench who would've been a better option.  The goal should be to put the best and most capable team on the field.