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More on the Julio Trade

Since most people, I'm told, read this site top to bottom my opinion is going down here.

The Rockies fans at Purple Row are elated that Kim was traded.  It seems he was destined to stay in Triple-A for the remainder of the season since the organization had seen enough.

I haven't conducted a scientific poll of Marlins fans but I think it would be fair to guess that Julio won't be missed, no matter how Kim performs while wearing teal.

The Rockies organization thinks they can correct some of Jorge's problems.

Mark Wiley, O'Dowd's special assistant and Julio's one-time pitching coach in Baltimore, will be used to ease the right-hander's transition. Julio worked as an effective closer under Wiley.

"He still throws hard," Wiley said. "He has mechanical issues at times that cause him to flatten out in the zone. It's hard to tell what he's going through until we talk with him. But we think we can get him turned around and help us."

You remember Wiley, he was the Marlins pitching coach in 2004 and 2005.  He is very good and if he thinks he can straighten out Julio, I can't blame the Rockies for taking a chance.  Who knows, maybe the thin air in Colorado will allow his breaking pitches to come somewhere near the plate.

The real problem with Julio wasn't so much his pitching, which definitely sucked most of the time, it was that he was being forced into the closer's slot which he couldn't physically or mentally handle.  He wasn't half bad in the mop-up roll.  It was just the organization forcing upon him something he wasn't capable of doing.

Now to Kim.  Hopefully the organization will take it's time when deciding what to do with him.  I've seen Kim pitch and he shouldn't be let anywhere near the closer's role.  Our good friend Photi reports that the club is considering using him in Nolasco's spot in the rotation while Ricky works through some issues with his mechanics.

How do you say disaster in Korean?

If he does fill in for Nolasco, get the bullpen ready.  They will be needed.  I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am.  Then again, who knows, maybe that cement-mixer slider he throws will actually bite in the humid Florida air.

Really, what it comes down to is this, we traded one our problems for one of theirs.