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Weather Day

As you know, yesterday was weather day and it went decently.

Another nice thing was that approximately half the crowd of 20,345 was made up of third- through eighth-grade students who attended the game through tickets purchased as part of a promotion sponsored by a local television station in partnership with the Marlins.


The seventh-inning rendition of Take Me Out to the Ballgame still sounded particularly pleasant with the tune mostly carried by a chorus of kids' voices.

"There was kind of a big screech the whole game," said Marlins left fielder Josh Willingham, who hit the game-winning homer.

He's correct. There was. And though Willingham found the constant buzz somewhat "annoying" at his position on the field near where several groups of children were seated, he might have taken a minute or two to enjoy the atmosphere.


The only real problem was that many of the school groups left early, and didn't get to see the dramatic conclusion.

That is a shame.  For most young people of that age a pitcher's duel is lost on them, which probably explains the constant "buzz" in the stadium.  But should the Marlins ever get a park of their own, the players need to get used to it.  I realize constant chatter is somewhat new to them at home, but it has to be welcomed thing.   It is unfortunate, however, they didn't get to see the last inning heroics, especially since the team is trying to grow new Marlins fans.

Hopefully, they all had a good day at the park.