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Ross' MRI results

Cody under went a MRI as expected and the results are mixed.

An MRI taken Tuesday on Ross' left hamstring revealed a Grade 1 tear, but that isn't necessarily discouraging news.

Ross suffered a hamstring strain while running the bases on May 4. He was placed on the 15-day disabled list the next day.

He said there are various degrees of tears, and the MRI showed between a Grade 1 and Grade 2.

Ross noted that the normal recovery time is four weeks, which would mean he would return about June 1, when the club is at Milwaukee. But Ross said he is striving to be back sooner, and he is hopeful to be back in three weeks.

While Cody is a tough rodeo clown type of guy, I'm not sure he will recover from a hamstring tear that quickly.  I must admit, I'm not very familiar with what the various degrees of hamstring tears mean.  But I have torn my hamstring and I wasn't good to go in three to four weeks.  Undoubtedly, rehab has improved since that time and there is no question that I was never as tough as Ross, but this seems rather quick to me, given the nature of the injury.