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Abercrombie recalled. Reed sent down.

This is almost kinda cruel.

The Marlins didn't have the heart to tell Eric Reed that he was being demoted to the minors, not in the immediate aftermath of his role in the team's ninth-inning victory Tuesday over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

But Reed, who singled to start the inning before scoring the winning run, received word Wednesday afternoon as the Marlins sought to correct an imbalance on their roster.

Reed swapped places with Reggie Abercrombie, who was called up from Triple A Albuquerque (N.M.). The move was designed to give the Marlins more flexibility with their outfielders.


Abercrombie, who was the Marlins' Opening Day center fielder last season before landing a mostly permanent spot on the bench because of his lack of productivity, is hitting .282 with four home runs and 15 stolen bases for the Isotopes.


''It works better for the club,'' Gonzalez said. ``We can use Reggie against left-handed pitching. It just fits better. Not only does it work better for the club, but he deserves to come up. We'll also run him out there against a righty and we're going to give Borchard a day every once in awhile.''

I must admit I feel sorry for Reed since he was so happy that he finally contributed to the team, only to be sent down.

So the club brings up Abercrombie to take Cody's spot against left-handed pitching since he is hitting .282 in Albuquerque.  Did anyone in the organization bother to check his splits?

Reggie is batting only .150 against lefties this season and I'm guessing the lefties in majors are going to be a little tougher than the ones in the PCL.

Get well SOON Cody and/or De Aza.  The team needs you.

All that said, I hope Reggie shocks us all and does a fantastic job.