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Run for the Roses

Lo Duca makes his pick.

Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca is picking Tiago to win Saturday's Kentucky Derby. Why should his opinion matter? Because Lo Duca openly, and correctly, picked Giacomo to win the 2005 Derby when he was with the Marlins.

Giacomo won at 50-1 odds, and Tiago is his half-brother.

The other horses that Lo Duca likes in Saturday's Run for the Roses: Street Sense, Circular Quay and Great Hunter.

''Box the four of them in the trifecta,'' Lo Duca advised.

While I don't much about betting on horses but doesn't trifecta mean three not four.  I could be completely wrong on this.

Lo Duca is a horse racing aficionado, being an owner of some himself.  So if pari-mutuel betting is your thing, or you just like making a friendly wager with your friends, it may serve you well to give his tip some credence.