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Julio still Closing?

As C60 pointed out in the comments yesterday, that after four pathetic outings Jorge Julio still remains the "closer".

I understand that it is probably too early to give up on someone who the organization wasted a pitching prospect traded for.

But unless Julio gets his act together, he is not long for the job.  Especially when he is sent out in the ninth and the coaches already have the bullpen phone in their hands before he finishes his warmup tosses.  That is not a good sign for his longevity in the position and if he continues on his present path, he won't be missed.

This is a strange departure from the last two seasons, when the middle relief couldn't get the ball to closer with the lead still in tack.  This year, the middle relief has been quite capable, at least up to this point, and it is the "closer" who has sucked.

This will prove an interesting dilemma when Tankersley is ready to go.  Given the bullpen performances thus far, Julio is the one who should be jettison.  Unfortunately, given his performance, I don't think the Marlins could get a bag of balls and a fungo bat for him in a trade.