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Olsen at the bat

Vintage Olsen:

The Marlins knotted matters in the second after Mike Jacobs led off with a home run, and Florida added two more runs when Olsen stepped to the plate with Matt Treanor standing at third.

Because Olsen handles a bat better than most pitchers, the Marlins sent in the sign for the suicide squeeze, and the pitcher -- with Treanor bolting for the plate on the delivery -- laid down a beauty. Phillies starter Zach Segovia, who was making his major-league debut, had no choice but to retire Olsen at first as Treanor scored the go-ahead run.

''I'm just glad I knew the sign,'' Olsen said.

I'm sure the coaching staff, your teammates, especially Treanor, and the fans are glad you knew it too.

For some reason, I'm really starting to like this guy.