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Jackie Robinson Day

Ken Griffey, Jr. came up with a brilliant idea as a way to honor the memory of Jackie Robinson on April 15.  Which is known as Jackie Robinson Day, being that was the day he broke the color barrier in baseball.  Griffey contacted Selig and asked if he could wear the number 42 to honor the occasion.  Selig, never one to shy away from a promotion, thought it was a great idea and offered the opportunity to all major league clubs.  The Dodgers answered the call immediately and all their players will wear the number 42.

So who would answer the call for the Marlins?  If you haven't already guess it, I'm disappointed.

To personally honor Robinson, Willis will wear No. 42 on April 15, which is a day he is not scheduled to pitch. Typically, the D-Train is No. 35. Commissioner Bud Selig invited all clubs to allow members to wear Robinson's universally retired No. 42 on Jackie Robinson Day.

When asked how the sport can increase its presence among African-Americans, Willis quickly said: "Promote more African-Americans in baseball.

The decline of the number of African-Americans in the sport is disturbing, especially given how much they have added to the game.  Baseball has to find a way to increase their participation.  Who knows the number of possible great players we have already missed, this shouldn't continue on into the future.