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More Stadium News

Not this again.

The Florida Marlins, who are preparing for Friday's home opener, don't expect the state to decide whether to pay $60 million to help fund a new stadium until the legislative equivalent of the ninth inning.

"It's touch and go," a team official said Thursday. "We won't know until May." Given recent history, it wouldn't be a big surprise if the question wasn't resolved until May 4, the conclusion of the 60-day legislative session.

Oddly enough, if state money is approved after years of failure, the news might arrive before the Marlins know exactly where a $490 million, retractable-roof stadium would be built. Miami and Miami-Dade County have approved a baseball financing plan for a site "to be determined." The Orange Bowl site has surpassed downtown as the leading contender for a 37,000-seat facility.


The Little Havana setting of the Orange Bowl appears to be where the largest bloc of county and city commissioners wants the Marlins to go.

Even as they seek to accommodate a new Marlins stadium, Miami commissioners are grappling with ways to rehab the Orange Bowl itself for the Hurricanes.

There probably will not be enough money to spend on two buildings.

Oh boy, just when you think things are changing they still remain the same.