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The David Samson Show

There is no way on the face of this planet that I'm direct linking to his show on 790 The Ticket.

However, if you would like some free tickets to a Marlins game you can email him with your best movie questions or comments.

Marlins team president David Samson joins Dan LeBatard and Stugtoz every Wednesday at 6pm to talk movies and Marlins... And this year, he's bringing FREE MARLINS TICKETS with him!  All you have to do to win Marlins tickets is to e-mail David Samson directly at with your movie questions or comments, and he'll randomly pick one e-mail each week to award FREE Marlins tickets to.

Should you choose to do so, I recommend that you scrub your computer down in hopes of cleansing it.  Even if you don't have any plans to send Samson movie emails, you still have his email address.