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De Aza is ready to go


Rookie center fielder Alejandro De Aza was so eager for Opening Day and his first big-league game Monday that, during pregame player introductions, he trotted out to the first-base line to join ranks with his teammates.

The problem was, those were the reserves.

De Aza was supposed to remain in the dugout with the starters until his name was announced. He hustled back to the dugout in time, though, when the mistake was discovered.

Really, someone should have told him before the game what he was expected to do for the opening ceremonies.  Then again it probably never occurred to the veterans that he wouldn't know. On second thought, even if it did, they always enjoy a good laugh.

Fredi handled it like the classy guy he is.

''That's all right,'' Gonzalez told him. ``You and I are both rookies.''

I'm guessing come the home opener, Alejandro is going to know exactly what to do.