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Olsen at the bat

Sure between Willis and Olsen they set a franchise first for opening the season with two left-handed starters back-to-back.  While that is interesting and the knowledge may come in handy in a bar bet in a few years.  What caught my attention was Olsen's approach at the plate.

Just before he singled with one out in the fourth inning, Olsen made manager Fredi Gonzalez chuckle when he asked hitting coach Jim Presley for advice.

"He asked Presley, 'This guy's got a slider or a curveball?' I looked at him like, 'You're a pitcher!' But I got little more respect for him as a hitter now."

This is coming from Scott Olsen who had never had a hit in a professional baseball at bat, minors or majors, until last season.

I'm starting to really like this guy, wouldn't loan him my car on a Friday night, but I'm becoming a fan.