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Treanor finally catches

Why this took so long makes no sense to me.

After making nine straight starts, Olivo was given a breather behind the plate. Matt Treanor made his first start on Sunday since April 18, when he got the nod against the Mets at Dolphin Stadium.

With a day game after a night game, Gonzalez saw a chance to give Olivo a break.

The durable catcher can use the recovery time, as he is playing through a sore thumb and a number of nicks and bruises.

On Saturday night, Olivo stood tall at home plate, knocking down Abraham Nunez on a play at the plate.

"He's a horse, he can take the punishment," Gonzalez said. "It seems like every game, they have to stop the game because he gets hit."

No Fredi, he can't.  There is no way the team can keep using Olivo in this manner and expect him to last the entire season.  It just isn't possible given the physical demands of the catching position.  And Fredi being a former catcher should know that.

I have no idea whether there was an undisclosed injury to Treanor or whether this is just a bad decision on the organizations part to have him play nine straight games.  If there was a undisclosed injury to our backup catcher, so be it.

But if this was conscious decision, it needs to stop.