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The Obermueller's are expecting

I guess it goes with the turf when you field the youngest team in the major leagues that they create their own fans.

Obermueller had enough on his mind Sunday. Moyer was tossing a no-hitter, and Obermueller was waiting to leave the team to join his wife, who is expecting their second child.

Obermueller left the team after the game and flew home to Iowa City.

''She went into labor last night,'' Obermueller said after the game. ``But the doctors sent her home. They will induce labor [at 6 a.m. today]. I'll get there about 11:30 [on Sunday night], so I'll be with her, and rejoin the team Wednesday.

``She just told me to go out and pitch and have fun and not to worry about her. She said if we have him, we have him.''

We wish the Obermueller's all the best and we can't wait to welcome our newest Marlins fan to the fold.