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Stadium News

There is some good news on the stadium financing front.

The Florida Marlins scored a crucial run in the Legislature on Thursday as the state House overwhelmingly endorsed a $60 million tax break to help build a new home for the team.

In an 86-24 vote, lawmakers approved the last critical piece of funding needed to finance a new stadium in Miami. The money would come from sales tax revenues generated by the team inside the venue that would be kept to help pay for the ballpark instead of going to the state.

The measure now heads to the state Senate, where it is expected to be a tougher sell.

It is great news that the bill passed in the House in an overwhelming fashion, unfortunately that isn't the end of the tale.  Now it is headed for the Senate and this is where the bad news starts.

Will the Senate take up the measure passed Thursday in the House that would help build a stadium for the Marlins?
Probably not, senators say.

''It won't be heard,'' said Sen. Dan Webster, the Winter Garden Republican who controls whether the bill comes up for a vote in his chamber.

The Senate could have a change of heart and just add amendments and send it back to the House or they could just vote on it outright.  But I wouldn't count on either of those happening.

If Sen. Webster is true to his word, it will just die on the Senate floor as the clock runs out on the session on May 4.  It appears the bill needs a miracle finish but I don't think the equivalent of a passed ball with Olivo scampering home is in the organization's future.  But I hope it is.