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Walking Wounded

Here is the latest update on the walking wounded.

Right-hander Ricky Nolasco, who has had right elbow inflammation, has a strong chance of starting next Monday's game against the Mets at Shea Stadium if he is pronounced healthy. He will throw 45 to 60 pitches in a game in Jupiter, Fla. Nolasco will be opposed by fellow right-hander Sergio Mitre, out with a blister on the middle finger of his right hand. Mitre is expected to throw a similar number of pitches, pending a flare-up of the blister.

Meanwhile, in a game in Vero Beach, Fla., erstwhile closer Jorge Julio, who has a right calf strain, will throw up to 45 pitches.

Also, outfielder Alejandro De Aza, nursing a sprained right ankle, will head to Jupiter to continue his rehab program. Gonzalez said De Aza is a "few days away" from resuming play. That could happen by Monday.

And in the not-even-close department, outfielder Jeremy Hermida, out since late March with a right knee bone bruise, hasn't even begun to run yet so no timetable is possible on his return, according to Gonzalez.

Hopefully, either Nolasco or Mitre, or both, will be able to join to the rotation soon and stop the shuttle of pitchers between Albuquerque and Miami.

Julio, can take all the time in the world for his rehab as far as I am concerned.

Since De Aza is about to start light running drills on Friday in Jupiter, when Fredi says that he is a few days away from resuming play what that means is he could maybe, possibly, here's wishing, start a minor league rehab program soon.

Oh, one interesting thing about Mitre's "medical" treatment to cure his blister problem.

Right-hander Sergio Mitre has been feeling fine since he started rubbing his blistered middle finger with the inside of a banana peel.

Has anyone ever heard of a banana peel being used as a treatment for a blister before now?  I sure haven't.