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Forget WQAM

They have officially sold their souls to the Dolphins.

WQAM (560), which has carried the Marlins since their inception in 1993, won't renew its Marlins contract after this season partly because the Dolphins have asked the station not to, three industry officials said Wednesday.

Before awarding Dolphins rights to WQAM -- a deal that was completed last Friday -- the Dolphins asked the station to drop the Marlins after this season. WQAM agreed to that request, the sources said.


When the Dolphins moved their games to 790 The Ticket before the 2005 season, The Ticket promised not to pursue rights to other teams. The Dolphins, though, have not requested that WQAM drop any team except the Marlins.

I try to be supportive of all the teams in Florida but the Dolphins organization is really trying my patience.

Jump in the game, 790 The Ticket, the Marlins will make you more money than the Dolphins ever did.  It's time to get out the checkbook.