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Hate the Marlins?

I didn't know anyone cared.

The Florida Marlins are my most hated team in baseball.

Sorry, Mets fans... it's true. You really haven't cut the Braves as hard as you think you have.


Chuck Klosterman had a great essay in his book Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas called "Nemesis" (it can be found in its original magazine form here). It lays out the difference between a nemesis and an archenemy:

Now, I know that you're probably asking yourself, How do I know the difference between my nemesis and my archenemy? Here is the short answer: You kind of like your nemesis, despite the fact that you despise him. If your nemesis invited you out for cocktails, you would accept the offer. If he died, you would attend his funeral and--privately--you might shed a tear over his passing. But you would never have drinks with your archenemy, unless you were attempting to spike his gin with hemlock. If you were to perish, your archenemy would dance on your grave, and then he'd burn down your house and molest your children. You hate your archenemy so much that you try to keep your hatred secret, because you don't want your archenemy to have the satisfaction of being hated.

The Mets are my baseball nemesis. And I guess I am not supposed to reveal this, but I will anyway... the Marlins are my archenemy.


So tonight's loss is especially frustrating...because the Braves lost to THEM.

Oh, Wow.  Who knew the Marlins were the archenemy of some of the Braves fans?  I must admit it made me smile.  The Marlins have finally arrived in the NL East when some of the fans of the Braves despise a Marlins success.

To continue the literary references, it is nice to be Alexander Pope and they Edmund Curll.