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Olsen's mechanics

Olsen thinks he has found the problem.

Working with pitching coach Rick Kranitz, they came to the conclusion that Olsen had gotten away from pitching from a "consistent arm slot," Olsen said.

"It's a lack of consistency in my delivery that's causing all this," he said. "When you don't have a consistent delivery, your arm slot can change -- and that's the problem."

I'll buy this.  Last season, early on, Olsen couldn't keep a consistent arm slot.  One pitch would be over the top and the next would be three-quarters.  Not to mention his glove hand would fly open on occasion.  Needless to say, it caused his pitching to be erratic.  However, towards the end of the season his pitching mechanics were very good and he had a strong finish to the year.

Hopefully Rick and Scott have it worked out to the point where it comes naturally for Olsen.  Cause if Olsen is out on the mound thinking about it while he pitches, the results won't be any better than before.