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Cody has a concern

Basically, they want to know why Cody isn't playing everyday.

Cody was responsible for 5 of the 6 runs the Marlins scored. My question is why are the Marlins not playing this guy? I really don't get it. Amezega is batting  .204, Borchard is batting .209.

A legitimate question, especially if you run  Cody is feasting off left-handed pitching so far this season with a .571 average and an OPS of 1.143, which are unbelievable numbers.

But the reason for his lack of playing time may lie in his season and career numbers against right-handed pitching.  So far this season he is hitting .200 when facing righties which is exactly equal to his career average.  His career OPS against the same is .593.

Alfredo is a career .255 hitter and has an OPS of .673 against right-handers and Borchard features a .224 mark with an .727 OPS.  Amezaga and Borchard are, historically, more likely to get on base and hit for power against righties.

But the argument can always be made: how the heck is he suppose to get better against right-handed pitching, when he has to watch from the bench?

I don't know, but he has roughly the same number of at bats against righties career-wise as the other two and they have performed better in the past.  Does that guarantee they will in future?  No.  But this is baseball and everyone goes with tendencies and the numbers.

All of that said, I'm not opposed, particularly while the team is injury ridden, to give him more AB against righties this season.  Who knows, maybe he will find the magic.  I doubt it, but he could.