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WQAM landed the Dolphins

The Marlins have a new interloper on their radio home.

As expected, the Dolphins said Monday they are moving their games to WQAM (560)...


''We've been working on trying to get Dolphins programming back since they left,'' WQAM general manager Joe Bell said. ``We're ecstatic.''

Bell said it hasn't been determined how seven head-to-head Dolphins-Marlins conflicts will be resolved later this summer.

Let me help with that conflict question, the Marlins will be bumped.  Fact of life in South Florida.

Sarah Talalay has more on her blog.

At the time, I asked station officials why they would pursue the Dolphins, rather than more radio-friendly baseball, particularly since the Marlins have healthy radio ratings. They said, in this market, football and the Dolphins rule and that's how the station wanted to make its mark.

Mission accomplished, station officials say. Now it's time to concentrate on other teams and programming.

The Marlins contract with WQAM terminates at the end of the season.  With 790 The Ticket losing the Dolphins, it frees them up to enter into the bidding for the Marlins broadcast.  Which is only a good thing.  The Marlins play 162 games as opposed to the Dolphins 16 and while they may get more money per add for the football games, it doesn't begin to equal the amount of revenue the Marlins generate.

If 790 The Ticket has half a brain, they will try to woo the Marlins onto their network.  Personally, I don't won't the Marlins playing second fiddle to the Dolphins on the radio or anywhere else.  790 The Ticket should get out the checkbook and the Marlins should gather up Dave and Roxy and move to a new radio home.