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No Baby News, yet

At the time I am writing this the Willises (that probably isn't the way to spell that) haven't welcomed their newest member of the family into the world.  Fortunately, the couple was able to find a doctor who was a Marlins fan and willing hold off labor inducement until after the game.  But some information is out:

Left-hander Dontrelle Willis delivered for the Marlins in an 8-7 win over Atlanta at Dolphin Stadium on Monday night as his wife, Natalee, was preparing to deliver the couple's first child.

"I'm just about to shower up, and I'll be on my way," Willis told his wife, who was waiting for him before having labor induced so she could deliver their daughter, Adrianna.

Adrianna, that's a pretty name, but she may have some trouble finding it on the little license plates at Disney World.  If that is the sum trouble she faces in life, she will have lived a charmed one.

As soon as the newest Marlins fan decides to make her appearance in the world, it will be announced on this site.  Assuming I can find a way to do it from work, but I will make every effort.