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Willis a father to be

Dontrelle will become a father today.

Dontrelle Willis will make a significant departure from his pre-start routine.

Before pitching against the Braves tonight, Willis must tend to the business of fatherhood. His wife, Natalee, is being induced today.

"As long as the baby is healthy and she's all right, I'm good," Willis said. "I'm trying to be poised for her. The more she sees me like that, the better it is. ... I'm excited, but it's been 10 months. As soon as I heard she was pregnant I was ready to have the baby."


"She has her whole family here. It might have been different if we were in Milwaukee, but everybody she needs is in town so she just told me to go out there and be happy.

"I never had my father in my life, so it's a little different mind-set for myself than other people I guess. I've already been through crappy times without having a father in my life, so I'm thinking about just being there for the kid. ... It's life changing. It's already been life changing."

Here's hoping that everything turns out fantastic.  Naturally, our newest Marlins fan will be announced tomorrow.  Though I somehow get the feeling that Dontrelle will be juiced and a bit prone to overthrowing should he make the start.  But if that happens, so be it.