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Mitre to the DL

Sergio Mitre joins his many teammates on the DL.  And it just keeps getting better and better.

Florida isn't ready to announce a starting pitcher for Sunday's game, but it won't be right-hander Sergio Mitre.

The Marlins want to give Mitre's blistered right-middle finger more time to heal, so they put him on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to April 18.

"Nothing hurts. The finger is getting better,'' Mitre said. "They're just trying to be careful with it to make sure it doesn't open up again.''

Mitre is the ninth Marlins player on the disabled list.

To take his place the team called up Scott Tyler from AA Carolina.  I really don't know much about Tyler other than he is a relief pitcher who came to the Marlins in the Castillo trade with the Twins and if he plays, he will be making his major league debut.

I did a search on Maverick's site but it turned up nothing.  I'm pretty sure Maverick has written about him and it was just the search engine being too lazy to find it.

So, on to the prospect books where I did find an entry about him in John Sickles' book.  This is what John had to say:

A starter early in his career, he moved to relief last season with decent results.  His fastball works well at 90-93 MPH, with good movement.  His curveball is also impressive at times.  His changeup is below average, which is part of the reason he was moved to relief.  He held his own in Double-A last year, but his walk rate was too high, and in the majors he will get hit hard unless he reduces that.

Good stuff with a lack of control.  Well, he shouldn't have much trouble finding kindred spirits on the staff.

I fully expect the Marlins to make another roster move before Sunday in order to fill the starter slot that Mitre vacated.  Once again, it is possible that Gregg or Pinto will be asked to start but I doubt it given the number of innings the bullpen has thrown the last few games.

Scott Tyler's stats