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Walking Wounded

Checking in on how Mitre is progressing.

Right-hander Sergio Mitre threw a side session on Thursday with a cover over his right middle finger. He is scheduled to start Sunday against Washington.

"Everything went good," said Mitre, who said he threw a few pitches without the cover. "If it keeps getting better, I can start."

A callus on the finger forced him from Tuesday night's game in Houston after one batter.

"We got him out before it got worse," Gonzalez said. "We expect him to start, but we'll know more by Saturday."

So on Thursday he was throwing with a cover over his injured finger and that is suppose to be encouraging?  

I fully expect that Mitre won't make his start, or if he does he won't last long.  The insurance plan is probably that Vanden Hurk will be sent down and Wes Obermueller will be recalled to either start in Mitre's place or be ready to be long relief in case the injury is anything but benign.

No matter what happens, I do expect Vanden Hurk to be sent down.  The bullpen has gotten a workout the during the 5 game losing stretch and a fresh arm is needed.