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Bang The Drum All Day

Here is something I didn't know.

IT'S NOT ALL that unexpected for a rock star to be ensconced in a hotel room in North Carolina on an odd weekday in the middle of a tour, but in truth, Todd Rundgren was in Raleigh this week to scout the shortstop for the Carolina Mudcats of the Southern League, that minor league made famous in the Kevin Costner flick "Bull Durham."

"My son, Rex, is playing his last games in double-A before the Marlins move him up, and I'm here to see the games," said Rundgren. Then he chuckled about Rex's next team. "It's the Albuquerque Isotopes - Homer Simpson's favorite team. Guess that's appropriate."

I had no idea that Rex Rundgren was Todd Rundgren's son.  Unfortunately for Rex, he is bottlenecked at the shortstop position.  I doubt he will ever make an appearance in a Marlins uniform, but you never know.

Still, it is cool to have a rock star's son in the organization.