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Ichthyomancy Returns!

I was thinking about the article I needed to write explaining Ichthyomancy and how to play the game when I decided to look at last year's article.  After reading it I came to the unmistakable conclusion that I couldn't possibly improve on last year's edition.

So here it is again, a classic by none other than Wiggins in its entirety, update and all:

"Ichthyomancy - what the hell is that?"  Do you say?

Well... I'm glad I'm here to help.

If one were to check the site dictionary one would see that the definition is "Divination by the heads or the entrails of fishes."  

Now - isn't that helpful?

Okay, okay - enough beating around the bush - Ichthyomancy is our fun way to make predictions about upcoming games, getting everyone involved and having a grand old time with each game of the season.  It's fun, it's free and everyone's invited!

Here's how it works (a lot of you already know this but for our more recent friends, or just for anyone who hasn't played before) -

For each game we will have an open thread, and in the comments for that we will invite anyone who wishes to, to make predictions about the game (whether you actually use the heads and entrails of fish to make your predictions - I leave that up to you).  After the game, we will give out points to those who made the best predictions - keeping a tally of points as the season goes on and crowning a glorious winner at the end!

For each game you can make three predictions -

  1. Attendance.  This is straightforward enough, and I think the object for most of the games at JRS (since I still can't bring myself to call it Dolphin stadium) will be to go as low as possible.  One point awarded per night - the winner will be the one who guesses closest (duh).
  2. Players of the game.  Also pretty straightforward - and since this is a Marlins site, we'll be giving points only for Fish players (unless you are visiting from another team's site - Dex, I'm looking in your direction!).  You get to pick one player who you think will contribute most to the night's win, and if he has a good night you're set.  We'll award points for a maximum of three players per night, and no points awarded in blowout losses.
  3.  Above and beyond picks.  This is where it gets fun!  Everyone gets to make one more pick where they can predict something else that will happen during the game.  Do you feel in your gut (or your fish's guts) that Hermida will hit another grand slam - and it will be in the fourth inning?  Make that pick.  If it happens - you look like a genius and get a point - maybe three as that would be a really good pick.  The more detailed and imaginative you get, the more points you get, but also the less likely it is to happen.  Have fun with it!  But not too much fun (Dex - I'm looking in your direction again).
That's about it.  Remember - this is for everyone and it is fun!  Don't feel shy - if you haven't done it before, now is the perfect time to start.  We'll have an open thread up later today for tonight's game and I expect to see some picks made, people!  If you are a lurker who hasn't signed up for the site - now's the time!

Did I mention we will have FABULOUS PRIZES for the winner??!?!?

Oh yeah.  Fabulous prizes.

Ichthyomancy.  It's where it's at, baby.

[Update] I forgot to mention - and this should be self-evident, but... picks need to be in before the game starts, with the exception of attendance, which can be changed/added after the game has started (up to an hour after game-time), to allow for everyone to change their minds about the guess after seeing the stadium. Sound fair?

Note from craig: the Marlins are playing a day game this year.