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The DL gets some new additions

Apparently this season, the DL is the chic place to be if you are a Marlins player.  HadMatter reported yesterday in the comments about one of the newest additions to make the list.  And I'm sure by now you know, there was another.

Julio and rookie center fielder Alejandro De Aza were placed on the 15-day disabled list Wednesday, Julio has a right calf strain and De Aza a sprained right ankle.

De Aza's move to the DL, retroactive to April 16, was not unexpected. He hadn't started since April 10 because of a sore ankle that he rolled in Washington the first week of the season.

Julio's injury was somewhat of a surprise because he didn't show any apparent signs of pain. He didn't leave the game Tuesday night after he aggravated the calf while covering first base.

Julio landing on the DL is...let's just say...interesting.  He will probably be sent to the Jupiter rehab center and then do a minor league rehab stint until he regains form.

The program for De Aza depends on how fast the ankle heals.  If it takes longer than expected, he will also have to spend some time in the minors to get his timing back as a hitter.

The Marlins have already made their call ups.

Right-hander Lee Gardner and outfielder Eric Reed were recalled from Class AAA Albuquerque.

Gardner will resume where he left off in the pen.  Reed will be a backup outfielder and will also be available to pinch run or pinch hit, assuming the situation calls for a bunt to move a runner up and it would be really nice if the bunt could also turn into a single.  I can't imagine any other pinch hitting duty he would be called upon to do.

Ross and Amezaga will platoon in center while De Aza rehabs.  Cody will start against lefties and Amezaga will face righties.  This situation will work just fine as long as the middle infielders stay healthy.