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Mitre Out

Sergio Mitre injured his pitching hand last night and his future status isn't known at this point.

The Marlins might have a long list of good young arms, and it appears they might need them all.
Right-hander Sergio Mitre had to leave Tuesday's game in the first inning because of a blister on the middle finger of his right hand.

Mitre threw only 13 pitches.

The Marlins already have 40 percent of their rotation on the disabled list. Josh Johnson has been out all season with nerve irritation in his throwing arm and isn't expected back until June at the earliest, and Ricky Nolasco is out with elbow inflammation and isn't expected to be ready to pitch for another 10 days.

It has been my experience, watching baseball, that a blister generally doesn't completely heal in four days.  Also, no one knows where to find pickle brine.  And if I remember correctly, a blister landed Beckett on the DL repeatedly.

Should Mitre end up missing starts or lands on the DL, my guess is Wes Obermueller will be called up.  Of course, it is possible that Gregg could start and Gardner be added to the staff, but I don't think that is as likely.