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De Aza may be DL bound

The list keeps growing longer and longer.

Center fielder Alejandro De Aza still is walking and running with a pronounced limp, the result of an ankle injury he sustained during the opening series at Washington and hurt again in subsequent days.

De Aza pinch-hit Sunday and remains available to do that, but if he gets on base Gonzalez would have to lift him. Unless De Aza makes dramatic improvement, the Marlins may decide to place him on the disabled list.


The Marlins may consider promoting John Gall as an extra outfielder and continue starting Cody Ross and Alfredo Amezaga in center.

Should this happen it won't be that big of a deal.  The Marlins basically used Ross and Amezaga in center field for the last third of the season last year.  Both, Ross especially, are decent enough center fielders and both are off to good starts at the plate.  They should be able to hold down the fort for 15 days.