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Fredi doing the Space thing

Fredi is going to take a tour of the Johnson Space Center today.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez and a handful other team personnel planned to tour the Johnson Space Center this morning.

"Maybe they can come up with a simulator," Gonzalez said. "They got one of those [for the Space Shuttle]. Why can't we come up with a baseball one? Punch up Yankee Stadium, 50,000 people."

There are two type of tours available when visiting NASA: one is the garden variety tour that everyone can take.  It's a good tour but it is not the best.  The other is the insider tour where you get to see, in the words of my aerospace engineering friend: "The really neat sh*t".

I have been on both and later is much cooler.  I hope that the cool one is the one Fredi gets to take.

Today, folks, we are all fluff - all of the time. I have to be at work very early.