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Willis and the 42 Jersey

Dontrelle wore the number 42 with great pride yesterday.  That isn't surprising in the least, but on a very cold day in Atlanta he refused to cover it up.

Wearing No. 42 as part of the leaguewide Jackie Robinson Day tribute, Willis didn't get much field time Sunday. He did show off the jersey by taking out the lineup card. Despite the 45-degree game-time temperature and gusty wind, Willis did not wear a jacket.

"I had to run in and get some cocoa a couple of times," he said.

If Dontrelle misses a start because of having a cold, it will be understandable.  Not that the team can afford another starter down right now, but if it happens, so be it.

If you like to purchase the jersey Dontrelle wore in yesterday's game it is being auctioned off in order to benefit the Jackie Robinson foundation.  But if you decide to enter auction for the jersey you better have your checkbook ready, you're up against some monied competition.

Willis is under the impression he can keep the jersey. If he does have to give it up, he might bid on it himself to get it back.

"I might get the whole team to sign it," he said. "I'm not sure what I want to do. This is definitely something I'm going to try to keep in my will and pass it down ... I've been excited ever since they told me.

My understanding is that it will be on the auction block and if you think you can outlast Willis: Go for it.  I wish you luck.  I'm not betting on you, but I wish you luck.