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Owens Embarrassed

When the  entry music was chosen for Henry, he didn't feel worthy of the selection.

Henry Owens, subbing for struggling Marlins closer Jorge Julio, earned a save Monday despite feeling embarrassed that the team played "Enter Sandman" on the PA system as he warmed up -- the song reserved for New York closers Mariano Rivera and Billy Wagner, who have a combined 740 saves. It was Owens' first career save, and he had requested another Metallica song, "Minus Human."

I'm not familiar Metallica's song, "Minus Human".  That may be a fine choice or perhaps you have a better suggestion.  While Owens did an excellent job of closing the game, even when being embarrassed, we can a better job than ripping off the NY teams.

I'm not sure what entry song I would pick for Owens but I do know which one I would pick for Julio: Heartache Tonight by the Eagles.

(Hat tip to FishStriper, mhirsch)