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Stadium News

Sort of.

You remember that in order for the Orange Bowl site, the one favored by the commissioners, to become available the University of Miami needs to vacate.

It turns out that the university isn't moving none too swiftly in the decision making process.

The University of Miami has been dragging its feet on the future of the Orange Bowl, President Donna E. Shalala told the Student Government Senate at the first meeting of their new term Wednesday.

"I love the Orange Bowl," Shalala said, adding that she hopes to keep the Hurricanes' at the stadium, but that the university has been talking to Dolphin Stadium and Florida Marlins officials about other possibilities.

She emphasized that she is undecided on whether or not to stay or go, but said the 'Canes will definitely play there in the fall.


There will be no decision in the next two weeks, Shalala said, but it will likely come after students have left for summer break. The president emphasized that such timing is not being done to go behind students backs and said she would student who will be in town during the early summer to form an advisory committee.

The Hurricanes will make their decision, according to the President of the University, sometime this summer.

Not that it really matters if MLB gets what they want which is a downtown stadium.

The state financing bills are still slugging their way through committees in hopes of making it to the floor of both houses.

To recap: everything is still up in the air.  Now, wasn't this post informative.