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Julio Not the Closer?

Julio has been demoted according to the Sun-Sentinel.

The Marlins didn't find out until Wednesday's conclusion of Tuesday night's suspended game that they couldn't overcome Jorge Julio's blown save. By the time the Brewers completed a 3-2 victory in 13 innings the Marlins already had decided to replace Julio as closer.

Julio, who also blew a save last week in Washington, was told Wednesday that he would be pitching in the sixth or seventh innings for now. Manager Fredi Gonzalez hasn't chosen a new closer.

I can't find any other news source confirming this.  In fact, Fredi was noncommittal.

Gonzalez wouldn't confirm the Julio move.

"We will do what is best for the organization, the team and the player," Gonzalez said...

If this is true, it is good for both the club and Julio.  I won't go into another diatribe about why he shouldn't be the closer, now, or possibly in the future.  I do, however, have some doubts about the accuracy of the information.

With any luck at all it is true, but I wouldn't count on it until we hear something definite.  If the story is accurate, the new closer will either be Owens, Lindstrom, Gregg or on a outside shot, Tankersley.  It is doubtful that Tank will get the call since he is returning from the DL.

Then again, deciding on who should be the closer hasn't been the organizations strongest suit or longest suit this season.