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Julio Blows it - Again

As you already know Jorge Julio remained consistent this season by giving away the lead in the ninth.

The game already would have been over if Julio pitched in the ninth inning like the Marlins hoped he would.

With Florida up 2-1 and on the verge of beating Milwaukee for the 10th straight time, Julio (0-1 14.73) walked the first batter he faced, Rickie Weeks.

After Craig Counsell lined out to right, Weeks stole second. J.J. Hardy then hit a ground-rule double over the head of center fielder Alejandro De Aza, allowing Weeks to score the tying run and sparking loud boos from what remained of the 10,833 at Dolphin Stadium.

I don't believe in booing your own players but I'm starting to understand it in this case.  Julio isn't doing this on purpose and it is probably the last thing he wants to do, but if he isn't costing the Marlins wins, he is definitely making it more difficult.

So will there be any changes?

"We've got to keep running him out there and he's got to pitch," Gonzalez said. "We need him to get over this hurdle, and I think he will. He's doing everything right, working, being in the video room. Those are good signs."

Asked if Julio would be moved to the seventh or eighth inning, Gonzalez said: "That's a good idea. I haven't decided on that yet."

At this point, Jorge Julio has no business anywhere near the seventh, eighth or ninth in a close game.

Julio should only pitch in non-pressure situations until he proves he can consistently complete an inning without walking everyone in sight or giving up RBI hits.  Julio didn't win the closer's role out of spring training - it was given to him.

The Marlins have their best bullpen in recent years.  There are many members of it that can close effectively and Julio isn't one of them, at least not right now.  The Fish could easily be 7-1, if not for the pitching of Julio.

If the Marlins keep sending him out and this keeps happening, all the sports therapist and all of their couches won't be able to put his head back together again.

There are too many players putting their hearts and bodies on the line and fighting to win games just to see it evaporate by some failed experiment.

Can Julio get it together? Maybe, who knows.  But the ninth inning in a close game isn't the time to find out.