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Fredi meet Alfredo

I guess it isn't really surprising that Fredi doesn't know all the talents Amezaga possess.

As third-base coach for the Atlanta Braves last year, Fredi Gonzalez remembers seeing Marlins utility player Alfredo Amezaga in center field, not in the infield.

One day, Hall of Famer Tony Perez, a Marlins special assistant, told Gonzalez about Amezaga's best position.

"Tony thought he was the best (defensive) shortstop on the field,'' Gonzalez said. "He said, 'Fredi, this guy can play some shortstop.' ''

As Marlins manager, Gonzalez is seeing firsthand just how solid a backup Amezaga has been this week as Hanley Ramirez rests a stiff right hamstring.

"When you put him in the game, you feel comfortable that something good's going to happen,'' Gonzalez said.

Trust me Fredi, you can put Alfredo anywhere defensively and chances are you will be pleasantly surprised.  Other than shortstop, he may take a unique path getting the job done.  But he always gets it done.

Hanley is out of the lineup until at least Friday.  There is absolutely no reason to play him with his recovering hamstring today on our now, wet field.  Sure the "home stadium" is one the best drying fields in the game.  It has to be, but it is still going to be soft.